Voting booths are waiting for you nationwide.

Jessica McGowan / Getty Images Millions of Americans are heading out to vote today.

All 435 House seats are up for grabs in the midterm elections, along with 35 Senate seats, 39 state and territory governorships and thousands of state and local offices.

While you might see an alarming post on social media claiming a voting machine has been hacked, that shouldn't keep you from the polls. US officials are expecting a wave of disinformation to continue as foreign governments seek to sow distrust in the electoral process.

Tech companies are doing their part to make sure you vote. Here's a look at what Google, Apple, Uber and others are doing on Election Day:

Today's Google Doodle encourages you to "Go Vote," helps you find your polling place and links to tools that explain the voting process in both English and Spanish. Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft and electric scooter companies Lime and Skip are offering free and discounted rides to help get you to the polls. As part of its #BeAVoter campaign, Twitter has been running an Election Day countdown that provides information about where to vote and candidates who'll appear on your ballot. There are new hashtags tied to the election, including #iVoted, #yoVoté, #ElectionDay and #Midterms2018. Snapchat sent out a snap to all users in the US age 18 and over reminding them to vote. They messaging app also offers election-themed filters, and Snap Map is showing links to polling locations and sample ballots. Facebook is showing Election Day reminders in news feed that'll help you find a polling place or share that you voted. Facebook has also been purging hundreds of accounts ahead of the midterm elections. On Monday, the social network said it had blocked more than 100 Facebook and Instagram accounts suspected of engaging in "coordinated inauthentic behavior." Reddit is showing a pop-up message on its site that's designed to help people look up polling locations, hours and other details. Apple News tonight will feature real-time election results for races across the country. YouTube, Facebook Live and Comedy Central Online streamed the nonpartisan Telethon for America on Monday evening, which collected pledges to vote, instead of money.